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You are meant to be.  You are meant to contribute.  Believe these words and you will be on your way to achieving the life you want.  Although just believing you are meant to be will not make it happen.  Hard work is required.  You have to put some muscle behind it.  Not doing the work cheats you out of invaluable experience of learning and applying newly learned skills into daily practice.  It’s the experience of working with the belief of being a valuable contributor that enables you to articulate and share what you have learned with others.

So take a few deep cleansing breathes (Do it right now!) and:   

Think Big:  Write out your BIG Goals

Consider what you want in life.  What do you want to do, have and be?  Write it out.  Not in simple words and phrases.  Be specific and detailed.  By taking pen to paper (best method) you can create a clear image of what you want.  Use the journalist approach by answering the questions: Who, What, When, Where, How and Why.    Remember to be detailed and specific when writing out your goals.  (Who is involved in helping me reach my goals?  Where do I need to go to get information?  Why is it important that I do this?)

Once you have written it out.  Read it aloud.  Not in a whisper, but read it aloud with confidence.  The action forces you to hear and feel what you have written and make adjustments.  Now re-write it.  This time make the picture you’ve created even bigger.  For example if the goal is a new job, expand that goal to create a visual of you in the highest position possible.  Remember, you are meant to BE!

Plan with a beginning and end date in mind

Once you decide what it is you want to do, have and be, select a realistic date to actually be doing, having and being.  Circle that date on every calendar (even on your mobile devices) and post the date where you can see it daily.  Every time you see that date it will serve as a reminder that there is work to do to meet your deadline.

Communicate/Share/Welcome Feedback

Not since we were in grade school have we been more secretive.  Remember we sat at the hard one armed desk and wrapped an arm around our paper to cover our answers.  We were afraid someone would see our circles, checks and multiple choice answers and take credit for our hard work.  Now is the time to be open to sharing our ideas, dreams and goals.  Sharing reinforces our intentions internally and externally provides vital feedback, support and resources.

Yes, there are folks out there who may take the ball and run with it.  Or even more terrifying, pour cold water on our fire.  But YOU are meant to contribute.  No one can do what you do, how you do it.  Your ideas will remain yours.  It’s all in the passion, execution and delivery.  They have your distinctive DNA.  The return on the investment of openly sharing ideas outweighs anything someone else could possibly do with them (At least you’ll find out who is really in your corner).

So do it.  Share. You will be surprised at how communicating with others can keep you motivated and uncover new information that can move your ideas forward.

Continuous Learning

Once you know what you want to do, to have or to be, the world will continue to spin on its axis and bubbling brains of other human beings will continue to pump out new and exciting inventions that will change the way we do things and how we interact with each other.  Investing time to keep abreast of new tools, methods, research and information will help keep your engines primed, pumped and moving in the pursuit of your goal.  Learning about new technology, industry trends and even key people in your relevant field help shape the process of goal attainment along the way.

Keep your mind open to learning and information will present itself.  Suggestion: Say aloud to yourself, everyday (even throughout the day), “I am going to learn something today!”  Let that be your mantra.  And you will learn some things that will push you into the 2014 spotlight!


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