Innovative Strategies for Today's Needs and Tomorrow's Challenges

Need Inspiration?  The Idea Network provides the spark!

The light bulb over your head pops on, brilliantly illuminating a path toward a future opportunity…the heart and mind races with the excitement of potential…and a passion is born! It’s a great idea…one of the best ideas ever. Now how do I make it work?

The Idea Network is a resource to help ignite the “spark” to take your idea from theory to practice while maintaining the passion. The Idea Network is an ongoing dialogue between those who have taken steps to move their idea from concept to reality and those who have a burning desire to do just that. The Idea Network will highlight individuals who have started businesses or introduced new concepts within their organization. We’ll discuss their challenges, solutions and current business perspective. And through our Q/A, we hope to share resources, establish connections, and help you get started and stay focused while transitioning through all stages of your big idea’s life cycle.

We hope you visit The Chenault Group site and visit The Idea Network often. We hope to not only deliver practical advice, but provide Idea Network participants with strategies and connections that will help bring your “big idea” to light.

Spark a conversation!  Leave your questions, thoughts and comments for The Chenault Group.

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