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About Us

Since 1992, The Chenault Group, a human resources consulting consortium, has provided performance, developmental and career coaching to individuals from entry level to executive management. We have been retained by numerous public and private sector organizations within diverse industries to assess, design and implement talent management initiatives, transitional and transformational organizational development planning, a wide array of training programs and sustainable change management strategies.

We take a practical, holistic approach to managing and developing talent and change management in order to help companies achieve an optimal level of performance during even the most challenging business climate. Our custom designed programs are delivered based on the principle that successful, sustainable initiatives are those that contribute to developing leadership skills at all levels of an organization by aligning individual need for self-satisfaction, acknowledgment of value and supportive guidance with dynamic business objectives to create a high performing environment.

The Chenault Group has a proven track record of helping:

Companies and Organizations

Organizational Change Strategies... Competency Building... Workforce Development... Talent Management

Our programs maximize productivity and efficiency throughout an employee’s life cycle: from hiring through on-boarding, to:

  • Identify core competencies to build performance standards
  • Create productive and more focused teams
  • Identify, develop and retain key talent at all levels
  • Keep your workforce engaged during tumultuous times by assuring individual personal needs are aligned with business objectives
  • Develop and implement a communication strategy that promotes open honest communication and feedback
  • Successfully diagnose change issues to navigate as your organization evolves within rapidly changing business climates
  • Manage talent for appropriate organizational fit
  • Overcome resistance with complex and uncertain change environments


Personalized Career Coaching... Training programs and resources... Self-marketing tools... The Idea Network...

  • Adopt a communication style that promotes an open dialogue and buy-in for new ideas and build strategic relationships
  • Create a personal development plan and learn strategies that keep you focused and filter out the noise, distraction and clutter of too much information
  • Gain the confidence to proactively explore new ideas, rejuvenate the dream, be creative
  • Through out Idea Network, connect and tap into the diverse perspectives of innovative leaders to help propel your own idea into action
  • The dramatic economic upheaval has trumpeted in an electrified “Renaissance” period; bring your most evolutionary, revolutionary and most creative ideas to fruition and become the very best you

The Chenault Group provided services to:

  • The New York Times
  • National Retail Federation Foundation
  • New Balance Factory Stores
  • Kean University
  • The Urban League of Union County
  • Philadelphia Youth Network
  • Hunterdon County Division of Social Services
  • NORWESCAP – Northwest Community Action Program
  • LAIDLAW Transit
  • Workforce 55+
  • NJ Division on Aging